When you progress step by step you grow, growth is never by chance it is only hard earned effort put together and by the vision behind it

Long and prosperous Journey for Rajshree Group began in 1998 under the guidance of very young & visionary entrepreneurs and well supported by qualified people since then there was no looking back and the company has been growing at a remarkable pace.

After travelling the path for more than a decade we stand strong in the field of Plastic sheets and Packaging products.

Our strength lays in technology up-gradations from time to time, strict quality control and meeting the global standards. As we grow strong with these ethics we are recognized as one of the trusted manufacturer.

Quality Management System

We have been leading from the front equipped with the latest technology & strict quality control we ensure consistent quality at most competitive price. To maintain Quality Standards utmost care is being taken at each stage of production. GMP and BRC/IOP standards are followed to deliver hygienic and safe products. “Equipped with the latest technology and strict quality Control we deliver the best in the category.”


Technology used by RPPLWe firmly believe in upgrading the Technology and remaining a step ahead of the competition.

As Technology is another name for the next generation. We are one of the early ones to introduce

  • Technology of 6-colour printing in dry offset in the Indian market.
  • Fully automated thermoforming machines with German technology.
  • Fully automated 6-colour printing machine in dry offset with Swiss technology in the Indian market.
  • Alternate decoration technology of shrink sleeving on containers.
  • Fully automated 8-colour printing machine in dry offset with Swiss technology in the Indian market.
  • High-tech extrusion machines for plastic rigid sheets with an Italian technology.
  • Three station fully automated vacuum forming machine with German technology for punnets, trays, hinged containers, lids etc.
  • Complete integrated solution under one roof i.e., extrusion of PET / PP / PS; forming (i.e., trim in place); forming – (three station); and decoration (dry offset printing and sleeving).
  • Fully automated sleeving machine with indigenous technology.
  • PP barrier packaging for enhanced shelf life of the food product.


  • To be the leading and most admired solution provider for rigid packaging solution ( Thermoforming/ Injection moulding/ Plastic Rigid Sheet)
  • When it comes to job in today’s world it’s not just the work and the money that matters to the Employee they also look for the brand name they are working for and most importantly Growth, and we ensure that the growth of each and every employee is taken care of.


  • To Provide the Convenient and safe packaging solution through latest technology, innovation and continuous up-gradation to deliver the best Quality at optimal cost.