Barrier PP Products

The Thermoformed rigid plastic container industry is growing each year. It Already covers a wide range of applications, from single-serve cups to multi use containers. It is highly driven by light-weighting, sustainability and product differentiation.

But the real challenge comes with the barrier performances for such packages, in particular when applied for conversion of metal and glass. To fill this void We have introduced high Barrier but light weight containers in multilayer Polypropylene and HIPS* having properties like:

  • Microwaveable
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Retort Grade
  • Thermoformed properties with high Oxygen, WVTR, Odour and gas barrier properties.

Technical Specifications

ShapeDimensions in mmSizes in ml/ gmApplicationForming Materials
Round75125, 150, 180, 200Flavour Milk, Juices, Coconut Water, Yoghurt, SweetsBarrier PP
Round80150, 200, 250Flavour Milk, Juices, Coconut Water, Yoghurt, SweetsBarrier PP
Round95180 to 500Ready to eat mealsBarrier PP
Rectangular116 * 100 * 76500Ready to eat mealsBarrier PP
Rectangular190 * 140200g, 500g, 1000gSweets, Ready to eat mealsBarrier PP
Rectangular136 * 102250g, 500gFrozen Sweets, Snacks, MealsBarrier PP
Rectangular131 * 131250g, 500gSweets, Snacks, MealsBarrier PP
Rectangular236 * 131500g, 1000gSweets, Snacks, MealsBarrier PP


  • Different depth or sizes avialable
  • As per customer requirement different capacity and partition can be made.