Cups for Packaging of Juices, Beverages & Water

This form of packaging is the most economical and efficient format for large scale production to cater to the masses.

Excellent shelf visibility with various decorations options – Printing / Labeling / Sleeving. It can be equally adapted to low cost and high end filling lines.

We can offer Polypropylene (PP) cups which are suitable for hot fill applications.

Technical Specifications

ShapeMould Dia.
in mm
Water Cups in mlJuices & Beverages
Cups in ml
Printing DecorationSleeved DecorationForming Materials
Round69150, 180150, 180YYHIPS, PP, PP-Barrier
Round74125, 150, 180, 200, 250125, 150, 180, 200, 250YYHIPS, PP, PP-Barrier
Round80200, 250, 300200, 250, 300YYHIPS, PP, PP-Barrier
  • Customized shapes and sizes possible
  • APET cups available for ambient fillings
  • Compatible Lids Available for above cups

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