Extrusion Machines

Extrusion plays a vital role since virtually every plastic material pass through extruder at least once on its way to becoming an end product.

  • We are equipped with series of extruders indigenous as well as imported.
  • Total extrusion capacity is 10,000 MT per annum.
  • We have ability to process PS/PP/ PET.
  • Automated feeding and dosing systems, melt pump, online thickness gauge monitoring, etc are few of the features available to provide high quality sheets.
  • Ability to process sheet up to 3 layers

Thermoforming Machines

We have series of thermoforming machines indigenous as well as imported; along with this we are equipped battery of moulds and can offer more than 100 products to the industry in various shapes and sizes. We have ability to process PP, PS and PET. Preheater, servo plug assist auto stacking of thermoformed parts, inline grinder etc. are few of the features which allow us to offer superior & consistent quality product which are with minimum human intervention.

  • We have ability to process PP/PET/PS.
  • Preheater for uniform distibution of material.
  • Accurate mould temperature control.
  • Auto stacking of parts ensures no human intervention.
  • Inline skeleton grinder

Decoration – Dry Offset Printing

Decoration plays a vital role in making the product attractive & informative and gives visibility. It is an important aspect of any product. When the product is displayed on the shelf, the first thing that would attract the customer will be the graphics on the package.

We are equipped with series of printing machines both indigenous and Swiss make. We can print up to 7 colors, half tone images and graphics can be printed with high accuracy. Consistent quality is ensured with the use of food grade German inks.

We also have in-house graphic design department to offer quick service and support to the customers.

  • No cup no print system.
  • Auto loading and Auto stacking of cup.
  • Pre registered metal based printing plates.
  • Temperature Controlled ink station.

Decoration – Sleeving

Sleeving though is expensive and cumbersome process still it is preferred where the aesthetic demands are high.

Sleeving machine is specially designed and is equipped with.

  • Auto loading of cup
  • Auto sleeve applicable.
  • Auto stacking and counting of cups