Plates and Bowls

To add on to your celebration we also provide trays, plates, bowls along with lids, round and rectangle containers, cups for hot and cold beverages, designs are available in various colours which spread more warmth and add life to your party.

Technical Specifications

ShapeDimensions in InchesSizeColours AvailableForming Materials
Round5.5"1CPWhite & MulticolourPS
Round6"1CPWhite & MulticolourPS
Round7"1CPWhite & MulticolourPS
Round9"1CP, 3CPWhite & MulticolourPS
Round10"1CP, 3CPWhite & MulticolourPS
Round11"1CP, 3CP, 4CPWhite & MulticolourPS
BowlDimensions in mmSizeColours AvailableForming Materials
Bowl954 oz/ 100ccWhite & MulticolourPS
Bowl1076 oz/ 150ccWhite & MulticolourPS
Bowl1168 oz/ 200ccWhite & MulticolourPS
Bowl13510 oz/ 250ccWhite & MulticolourPS
Bowl15012 oz/ 300ccWhite & MulticolourPS


  • Shapes and Size can be customized
  • Various design are available in above sizes.

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