Polypropylene (PP) has established itself as the most important packaging material next to polystyrene. It is classified into three main type of Polypropylene.

Due to its semi crystalline structure PP has a comparatively narrow processing window requiring special knowhow from machine manufacturers and tool makers as well as processors.

The outstanding characteristics of PP are its high resistance to fat and oil which is why it is the preferred packaging material for dairy. Its imperviousness to water vapour &its excellent frost resistance is a useful benefit especially welcomed for frozen food packaging. Depending on the type of material a PP tray can even be transferred directly from the freezer to the microwave and heated without suffering any damages.

Trends in PP packaging are moving towards the use of highly crystalline extremely rigid PP homopolymers for further reduction of wall thickness in packaging with simultaneous high heat resistance and a further improved water vapour barrier.


  • Thermoforming
  • Food packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Box Making
  • Stationary


  • Extra transparency
  • Better rigidity at lower wall thickness
  • Higher mechanical strength
  • Better flexibility and high puncture resistance

Technical Specifications

Extrusion capabilities 
StructureMonolayer or 3 layer
Gauge / Thickness 300 to 2000 micron
Typical Gauge Variation+/- 3%
Width of Sheetup to 1000mm
Core ID76 or 152mm
Roll Outer Diameterup to 1000mm
DenestAntiblock Additives
Surface TreatmentOne side corona treatment up to 42 dynes